About Graham

picture of the author Graham Clements

Graham was born in the Australian bush in the tiny town of Heathcote. His father was a teacher so his family moved around a lot, but always remaining in rural Victoria. This habit of moving stuck with him as an adult. He moved to Melbourne to study and then Sydney for work, before heading to sunny Queensland to live in Brisbane. He eventually returned to Victoria. He is always searching for meaning in his life, and has tried his hand at everything, from fire fighting to scheduling commercials for television.

He has read and watched science fiction all his life. His favourite novel in high school was George Orwell's 1984. He then read plenty from the giants of science fiction: Arthur C. Clarke, Asimov, Aldiss. His favorite authors include Margaret Atwood, Stephen Donaldson, Hugh Howey, David Brin and Justin Cronin. Later in life he discovered that Australians had written some great science fiction. He is impressed with the writing of Australians like Damien Broderick, KA Bedford, Sean William, Max Barry, and especially George Turner, whose book The Sea and Summer is still his favourite novel.

Graham has been writing on and off for decades. At university he wrote sketches for revues and edited a magazine for his university residental college. After completing the first draft of a novel, he decided he needed to learn a bit more about writing, so he did a number of writing courses including a Master of Creative Writing. He has so far completed four novels and has many in different stages of production.