In Space No One Can Hear Your Fanaticism.


“Lieutenant, I think you should reconsider and send a probe in first,” Kline said. “Anything could have happened in twelve earth tremors…and things like that.”

“There’s too much risk of disturbing evidence,” Bilge cut in.

“Not if I direct the technician controlling the probe.”

“Scans show the base is intact,” Deli said.

“So you’re not going to fall down any crevasses,” Bilge said.

“But what about anti-personnel devices?”

“Why would there be any of those?” Bilge asked.

“You never know what happened here.”

“Kline, the base’s personnel were all scientists except for a cook. The only one of them with a military background was Symcox. I couldn't see her going off the rails,” Deli said. “Something happened here, but it was no mutiny.”

“And it wasn’t aliens either,” Bilge cut in.

Kline imagined the rest of the platoon members sniggering to each other.

“We need you to go in first so evidence isn't disturbed. Even the best tech can mess up when piloting a probe.”

“Just do it Kline,” Bilge said.

“That’s an order,” Deli said.