In Space No One Can Hear Your Fanaticism.


Nothing happened. Kline tried the other slots. Their circuits must have burnt out too.

“Try a different cell,” Bilge ordered.

Kline tried all three slots with a new cell.

“Shit,” Bilge swore.

“Looks like we have to send down a drilling team,” Deli said.


Kline felt sweaty in his suit and tired from the anxiety of waiting. It had taken an hour and a half for the platoon’s other two techs to arrive from the ship. They had spent a further hour setting up their equipment before directing the nanobots to cut through to the base's interior.

Kline had began to wish that the door's controls had not burnt out, as he would already have encountered his fate. He hoped the techs would accompany him into the base, but all they offered were wishes of good luck as he entered.