In Space No One Can Hear Your Fanaticism.

There were no nanobot signatures on Kline's sensor display as he entered a chamber full of equipment and machinery.

“You still with us Kline,” Bolcher joked.

"Arsehole," Kline muttered.

“Alright, do a slow circle,” Deli ordered.

Kline rotated slowly. The chamber contained a heavy rover, a tractor and other equipment including a laser drill. He could see nothing that looked like it did not belong.

“No obvious signs of a battle,” Bilge said.

“Okay Kline, proceed to life support,” Deli ordered.

He surveyed the door’s edges, and it seemed untampered with. He bent to bring the door's control panel to eye level. His shaking left hand eased the control panel ajar. He could see no wires. Perspiration trickled down his nose as he lifted the panel further and - with his shaking right hand - inserted a power cell into the one available slot.