Graham Clements.

I was born a number of years ago and live in a house in Australia, in rural Victoria, without any cats (although our neighbours take pity on us by letting their cats wander in our yard). 

I mainly write science fiction, the narrative of speculative wonder and the future. 

Since September 2010 I have been a paid contributor to the online disabilities website Divine.

I have a long-term medical illness, ulcerative colitis, but it's no big deal, it just intervenes every now and then. 

I have completed a number of writing courses including a Master of Creative Writing at the University of Canberra.

I read a lot of science non-fiction so I am a sceptic when it comes to the paranormal and don't believe aliens have visited us, but wish they would abduct Tony Abbott and try and locate his morals.

As a Brisbane Lion's supporter, I don't currently talk much about football, but I loved watching them beat Collingwood and Essendon in those grandfinals.

I don't like people who try to impose their religious views on others, especially when the fairies - that live under the orange tree in my garden - assure me that religion's hidden agenda is to fill the world with human meat ripe for soon to arrive aliens.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with  bloggers and other media writers who selectively edit sources and comments (this is a particular tendency for right-wingers, probably because they know they can not argue their case on the facts). 

I am not much of a fan of greed, McMansions and expensive cars only leave me thinking of the other things that could have been done with the money, like touring the world or taking time off work to write or perhaps preventing some kids in undeveloped countries dying from hunger.

I believe ingnorance is on the rise due to the cult of celebrity encouraged by billionaire media tycoons who only care about money.

I believe that dogs take after their owners, so if a dog barks all day and night their owner is probably an attention seeker.

I believe that the faster we advance through the technological singularity (nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering) the greater the chances are that civilisation will not collapse due to global warming.

When not writing, working, reading, exercising or entertaining pessimistic thoughts about humanity's future, I can usually be found on Facebook or Twitter wasting too much time.  

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