Patricia Caitland Symcox

Symcox was born in New York in 2015. She had no children and never married. At age 18 she joined the marines and her leadership qualities quickly saw her rise through the ranks. She was appointed base commander of Titan in 2053.

Captain Symcox was honourably discharged from the Marines in 2055, after a distinguished 22-year career. Most notably she survived a mutiny on Titan lead by religious zealot Jonathon Howitt in 2054. After posing as one of the converted, she assassinated Howitt, which lead to his followers committing mass suicide. Symcox was awarded the military cross for her outstanding bravery and initiative.

Post marines she attended Caltech where she completed a PhD in Astro-agriculture and Terraforming. Consanto appointed her Co-ordinator of the terraforming of Vega in 2061.